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National Youth Games at Loughborough University – Friday 2nd September 2022

We had the absolute pleasure in attending the Youth Sports Games National Final to watch the Athletics Field events. 32 children spent several hours at Loughborough University. They had the opportunity to watch high level youth competitors competing at the top of their sport (Pole Vault, Long Jump, Discus and High jump). It was a great day with lots of opportunities to understand the rules of the activities. They were lucky enough to also speak to some of the coaches who were helping to coach the competitors and ask questions.

Year 6 Crowden Residential (June 2023)

Year 6 Residential (9th June – 11th June 2022)

We are delighted to announce this year residential for Year 6 will be delivered by Crowden Outdoor Education Centre in the Peak District.

Map locating Crowden Outdoor Centre

Map locating Crowden Outdoor Centre

Relaxation Room

Relaxation Room

House and outdoor space

House and outdoor space

We have safely returned from the Year 6 residential to Crowden. After a very bubbly journey, through the Peak District, we arrived at the bottom of the hill to start our Crowden adventure. Carrying our bags up to the house was entertaining: children worked together to help carry bags of those who struggled. After a few team games, the children were able to enter their dorms to set up for the nights ahead.   

First activity was team building. Splitting into their 3 groups, they needed to demonstrate balance, coordination, teamwork, communication, and timing. Jumping ropes, making a ball travel through pipes, moving across platforms without falling and finally a tyre race. The Red team, after a slow start, finally took the win thanks to their successful knot tying. 

After a huge 3 course dinner (for some), the children prepared for the evening walk in the hills. The Leaders were informative about the environment, children crossed stiles, walked amongst the sheep, and returned to hot chocolate and biscuits. We will not talk about the bedtime as the children were very excited to sleep, particularly the girls. 

Rise and shine, for a day of exciting activities. First it was time to refuel, a choice of cereals, toast and a cooked breakfast were all an option. Then, off to collect the equipment and take part in the activities timetabled. 

Over the remaining 2 days, children took part in Stream Scrambling, Canoeing and Weaselling.  

Weaselling – weaving in and out of the rocky environment, bodies bending to find the most effective routing through the different rocks, scrambling up the rocky banks and guiding / supporting others when they were finding things a little difficult. 

Canoeing – in their teams, splashing about on the water and learning basic paddling skills. Once their confidence grew, games and races turned the activity competitive. Finally, all groups were given the chance to jump in the lake and have a splash. The water was cold but a lot of fun. 

Stream Scrambling – Walking up the river, through the mini waterfalls and sliding down rocks. The water was freezing, but this did not seem to cause any problems for the children. They demonstrated fantastic teamwork and support for one another. 

And finally, it was time to say goodbye to the staff at Crowden, board the coach and travel back to Uplands to meet their families (and to catch some well-earned rest). We hope all the children had a great time

Yonex All England Championships 2022 (Badminton)

Children from the Badminton Club witnessed world class badminton players from all over the world, competing for the title at the YONEX All England Badminton Championships in Birmingham. With the lights down low, the children got to experience the atmosphere, joys and disappointment of players trying to secure their place in the finals on Sunday.

During the event, children also have the opportunity to participate in a series of different challenges around the forecourt of the stadium.

On Thursday, the children had the pleasure of meeting Greg Mairs and Jenny Moore, England Professional Mixed Pair. They have also created their own youtube channel. Why not try some of their home challenges such as the 180 degree jump activity (just remember to warm up first, and take it easy)