Using VR to explore North America

Year 5 children used some fabulous new technology to be transported to North America.

Year 5 map reading using lines of latitude and longitude

Year 3 map work

Year 3 children used maps to identify human and physical features of the Highfields.

Y3 Visit to Houghton-on-the-hill

On Tuesday 7th November, the year 3 classes visited a beautiful village called Houghton on the Hill. It is located on the edge of Leicester. The children were comparing urban life (Highfields) to rural life (Houghton). They noticed lots of amenities that the village does not have but Highfields does, they were able to explain why the air is fresher and cleaner in the village and discussed the different styles of houses. They all followed a map and marked different points of interest on it. The year 3 class from the local primary school came out to say hello too.

Y5 in the local environment

Year 5 walked to Spinney Hill Park this week to look at Evington Brook. We discussed what problems currently, or could potentially, affect waterways in our city. Children thought water pollution was an area to explore.

Features of a river