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Tree planting

Jannat, Farhan, Zuha, Yusuf and Noor-Fatima part of the  Eco-Warriors helped to plant Rowan, Crab Apple and Hazel trees in the garden area, these trees were provided by the Woodland Trust to increase the numbers of trees in the UK.

Cut your carbon checklist

The academy’s Eco-Warriors conducted an assembly presenting a checklist of things that we can all do to cut our carbon. Click here to see the checklist.

Eco-Schools and Warriors October 2023

July Newsletter 2023

February – Litter Pick

Eco Recycling Autumn Competition

To view the Eco Competition Winner click here

Eco School and Warriors

A half term challenge was set for our children and look at these fantastic entries.




May 2022

The children had an inspiring assembly today from the charity Kids Against Plastic. The charity is hoping all schools in Leicester will become plastic clever school to reduce the impact of plastic on the environment.

The children learned facts such as:

Every second breath we take come from the ocean in terms of the amount of oxygen given off by marine plants.

In less than 30 years scientists predict that there will be more plastic in our oceans than fish.

The average time we use a single use plastic for is 3 minutes but they take hundreds of years to break down.

Kids Against Plastic was founded by Amy when she was 12 years old, at 18 she is working harder than ever to spread the message about what we need to do now to save our oceans and last week she was at Buckingham Palace to collect

Our Eco committee is going to look at how we can reduce single use plastics in our school; namely reducing the amount of plastic bags, bottles, straws and cups we use. We hope all our school community will support us in this.

School Fair May 2022

The Eco Warriors will have a stall where you will be able to buy eco-friendly plants/pots and seeds. You will even have the opportunity to muck in and get stuck in –make your very own eco pots for a small charge! Be sure to check out our stall and help make difference to our planet!

Litter Pick

The Eco Warriors led their first school litter pick with
a tremendous number of helpers from all over
school! We started off in the main playground,
making our way to the ‘green area’ and to the
football court. It was quite shocking the types of
things we found! Lots of wrappers, tissues and even
The Eco team will be conducting more litter picks
and they will be monitoring and measuring the
outcomes of each one. We are hopeful we can
reduce our litter-especially plastic!
If you are feeling inspired and want to make a
difference to our community-our world, join us on:
Wednesday 8th June 2022 from 9.00am-10.00am:
Community Litter Pick.

June 2022

As part of World Environment Day 2022, the children were introduced to the Biodiversity Challenge for primary schools. We cannot wait to see the ideas the children come up with.

Upcycling Leaflet

Eco School and Warriors – April Newsletter 2022

August 2022

Letter on Congratulations from Leicester City Council.