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Art and design subject overview

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Pop-up art gallery

Uplands had their very own pop-up art gallery this week. All classes put in a lot of hard work over this term to produce incredibly high-quality art work to be professionally mounted and framed which was exhibited to the whole school and parents. Pupils got the chance to evaluate and analyse all the creative works created by the whole school . They loved showing their work to teachers, friends, parents and carers. Thank you to all the artists – you made a huge effort!

Sketch book review

Year 4 Van Gogh experience

Year 3 clay modelling

Year 3 created their own clay dragon eye inspired by their spring term book ‘The Boy Who Grew Dragons’ by Andy Shepherd. They practiced joining pieces of clay using scoring and slip, explored the effects different utensils had on the clay, then designed and created their own unique dragon eye. 

Y6 Sculpture Work

Year 6 have started their work on sculpture and this week looked at the work of Giacometti. The children explored how sculptured figures can show movement and emotion.

Y6 visit The Attenborough Arts Centre

This week Year 6 visited the Attenborough Arts centre to explore the ‘Playing in Wonderland’ exhibition by an artist called Mohammad Barrangi. The children were invited to step into the artist’s imaginative world of fantastical characters and colourful scenery. They were inspired and able to understand the art from Barrangi’s perspective. The children explored what life is like in Iran and had a chance to express their feelings about the art from his perspective.

Uplands Y6 Feedback

Year 3 : Self-portraits inspired by Picasso. Dec 2022

This half term, year 3 have been studying the famous artist, Pablo Picasso. This Spanish artist is famous for his Cubism and Blue Period styles of work. Year 3 began the topic by exploring a range of mediums which they then combined to create collages inspired by Picasso’s artwork.

The results speak for themselves.

We have some budding artists in the making.

This week in the year 6 art club we created some clay mazes. The children had a great time and were very calm and mindful during the process. We are looking forward to painting them next week!

Life & Works of David Hockney

Y5 children have started their unit of work learning about the life and works of David Hockney. Linking to their topic of rivers, the children looked at painting such as “The Bigger Splash”, discussing shape, colour palate and form. The children created their own mood board. We were very impressed with the results.

Year 3 have been studying an artist named Xaga Tcui Xago from Botswana, Africa. She is known for
printing repeated patterns using oil paint. She is inspired by nature and colours. The year 3 children
analysed the artist’s work and used it as inspiration to create their own printing stencil. This was
then used to create their own repeated pattern print on cotton using fabric paint. Their printed
fabric will now be used in DT this half term as part of their Textiles topic.

September 2022

As part of the Year 3 History carousel, children explored famous examples of Stone Age caves and had a fantastic time creating their own cave painting. Children used charcoal to sketch hunting scene and used dark pastels colours as Stone Age artists used pigments from minerals. They also discussed the purpose of cave art and a variety of reasons behind individual paintings.

The children enjoyed learning about jewellery in the Stone Age.  They quickly identified that bones, teeth and rocks were used to create jewellery.  The children used clay to create objects and then attached this to string.  Look at the variety of jewellery created!

Y6 September 2022

Y6 have started their art work this term; linking art, history, PSHE and English. The children are looking at WW2 images and annotating these images thinking about the emotions they evoke using a thesaurus to ensure some ambitious choice of words.

Progressing onto to:

Y3 September 2022

Y3 have taken their art outside for some observational drawing.