History subject overview

Year 5 investigate local buildings from the Victorian period

Year 4 engage in Celtic battle

In Year 4, we embarked on an exciting educational journey to Bosworth Battlefield, a pivotal event in History. This immersive trip allowed us to step back in time to the year. We explored what life was like as Romans and Celts and learnt what food they ate and how to prepare for battle. They even had the chance to dress up in period costumes. Our trip was a fantastic opportunity to deepen our understanding and brought the past to life in an engaging and memorable way.

Year 5 visit to Leicester Museum

Year 5 visited Leicester Museum to explore the Ancient Egypt gallery. This comes at the start of an exciting unit of history work where the children will attempt to answer the big question: what were the achievements of the Ancient Egyptians? For many children this was their first visit to the museum and their interest and enthusiasm was definitely piqued.

Women of World War II workshop

The year 6 children had the opportunity to learn about the life of various women in Britain between 1939-1945. They learnt about the momentous changes the war brought for women, such as the first time in British history women were finally allowed to serve in the armed forces as engineers, mechanics, ambulance drivers, nurses and spies. 

Year 6 exploring wartime Britain

This week, year 6 had the opportunity to visit Coventry Transport Museum and the Herbert Art Gallery Museum. They had experienced stepping into the past and immersing themselves in a Blitz experience exhibition, which provided insight into the hardships and challenges faced during World War II. Later, their exploration continued at the Herbert Art Gallery Museum, where an engaging workshop shed light on the crucial roles played by women during the war. They learned about remarkable women, one of which was Mary Beardshall, a dedicated porter whose contributions were vital to the war effort, and Betty Popkiss, a brave soul who earned the George Medal for her fearless actions during a devastating Coventry bombing raid on October 19, 1940. The children also had the chance to visit an authentic underground shelter from the war era and the Coventry Cathedral, which stands as a memorial, preserving the ruins from the war.