Religious Education

Religious Education subject overview

An introduction to Paganism

Angela from the St Philip’s Centre delivered this week’s assembly, speaking about Paganism. The children had lots of questions to ask and learned a great deal.

Easter assembly

Our friend Rev Andrew delivered an Easter assembly today. He discussed the rebirth of Jesus as a symbol of hope and he encouraged the children to consider the meaning of the Easter eggs.


Our faith assembly today was on Hinduism and led by Neela Parmer. Many thanks to St Phillip’s Centre for arranging these speakers, we learn something new every week.

Messages on Islam

This week we were visited by Asiya Ahmed from St Philip’s Centre who talked to the children about Islam.

Broadening perspectives through assemblies this term

We welcomed St Phillips Centre to Uplands this week. Over the next 8 weeks, children will have a different faith leader talking to them in assembly about their faith. Today, we welcomed a friend from the Sikh community to Uplands. The children asked some fantastic questions and recognised similarities and differences across religions.

Visit from Rev Andrew Quigley

Rev Andrew delivered an assembly to share the story of Christmas.