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Chinese New Year

We celebrated the Chinese New Year of the rabbit this week. The kitchen cooked us a wonderful Chinese themed lunch and then our wonderful volunteers through our University of Leicester partnership came into school to support the learning activities. Some of our volunteers had prepared presentations to share with the children and staff.

RE – Roadshow

After a 20-minute walk through the Highfields area, we finally managed to find the entrance to St Phillip’s church. When inside, we were split into 11 equal groups as there were 11 stalls. Each stall explained the different religions the people of Leicester followed and all were very welcoming and understanding. Each member explained their religion in different ways as some of them had artifacts whilst others had leaflets, food, clothes, or books.

A lot of the children were able to learn about a religion they had never heard of before. One of the religions was called Paganism. They found that the people believed in elements (fire, water, air, earth) and that there were three stages of the faith: Norse gods, witchcraft, and Heathenry. One interesting fact is that no one person founded the religion.

A lot of the children were given the opportunity to dress up in a variety of clothing from the different faiths at the show. Some children were able to wear Jubas, Saris, Kippah, turbans, and topeis.

The church, where the roadshow took place, was almost destroyed in 1996 by a fire that ripped through the building. It has since been rebuilt and new parts added. Prince Charlies, our future king, visited the church in 2008.

We would like to thank all those volunteers who took the time to share their beliefs. We really enjoyed the show. 

Remembrance Day 11.11.22

Y6 walked to Victoria Park to lay the wreaths (made by every class at Uplands Junior), at the memorial. The children were a credit to the Academy and observed the 2 minutes silence alongside other schools and the public.

After our assembly yesterday about the meaning of Remembrance Day, Madina did this at home. Well done Madina.

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