Personal, Social, Health and Economic education

PSHE subject overview

Healthy eating workshop

The final parent/child healthy eating workshop was held today. The focus was on healthy school packed lunch, the children and their parents made some delicious wraps together. Uplands Junior L.E.A.D. Academy would like to thank Jill Tipple for NHS dietician service for setting this up and running the workshops, children and parents have really enjoyed them and it is something we  will look to continue.

Navy team building with Year 6

This week, members of the Royal Navy visited and year 6 children learnt that the Royal Navy’s Merlin helicopters are an essential part of the Carrier Strike Group (CSG).  

The children’s first challenge was to build a paper helicopter following a design template. They were encouraged to try to fly their helicopters and describe what they saw happening. Children found that the larger the blades the slower the helicopter rotated, this made the helicopter fall to the ground slower. But, if the blades were too large, the slow rotation meant that the helicopter lacked control and drifted, rather than spinning to the ground. The smaller the blades the quicker the helicopter fell to the ground, as it had less air resistance acting on it. If the blades were too short, they did not generate enough lift and the helicopter fell to the ground out of control rather than spinning.