After School

Lunchtime and After School Clubs Summer Term 2022

Before school  Athletics Club Playground TerinaLeadership (Year 3 / 4 / 5) Highfields
Mrs Wood
Lunchtime Badminton Y5/6 Highfields
Mr Faqi  

FA Shooting Stars (Girls) Highfields Mrs Wood
Board games IT suite
Mr King  

Speed stacking
Year 3 Classroom Leaders Mrs Wood
Art club
Miss Kullar
After SchoolDance School hall
Mrs Wood and Alice  

Coding Club ICT Suite
Mr Faqi and Mrs Choudhury  

Football Team 4/5 Highfields Mr Walker
Kim and Mrs Raybould

Cricket Club Highfields
Nish (LCC) and Mrs Wood
Basketball Club Highfields
Mr Pryce

Target Club Hall
Mr Walker
Art club Highfields Alice

Badminton Year 4 Highfields
Mr Faqi
Leadership (All years – Some prior training) Highfields Mrs Wood

Gymnastics School Hall Mitch
Woodwork Club School Mr Walker and Mr Faqi