Breakfast Club

Breakfast clubs provide a healthy meal at the start of the day in a safe and friendly environment. They also provide a great opportunity for children to play, learn and socialise with classmates. Attendance and punctuality is an important target in school and that is maintained in breakfast club too.

A breakfast club is a safe, friendly, relaxed place where children can enjoy a nutritional breakfast with their teachers and classmates before school. It’s the perfect place to start the day so children get all the energy they need for the day ahead.

Breakfast clubs are proven to improve children’s behaviour, punctuality and attendance rates at school. They also increase concentration levels throughout the morning and can often improve relationships between teachers and children so everyone’s happy!


A range of activities are available for children to access daily. These will be boxed and clearly labelled. Children are responsible for looking after the contents.

  1. Construction- Lego, Jenga, Knex and other construction games
  2. Craft- Origami and colouring
  3. Board Games- Snakes and ladders, Draughts, Dominoes, Scrabble, Jigsaws, Puzzles
  4. Team Games- Boat Race, Over and Under, Tag, Skipping

On all days children are allowed to and encouraged to read their reading books if they desire as their activity.


Punctuality is very important and children are encouraged to take responsibility to arrive on time

8.00am – Doors open. Register/ names taken on arrival by breakfast club staff, children should arrive and settle by 8.10-8.15am. No children will be allowed in to the breakfast club after 8.30am

8.30am- Children are allowed to play outside (weather permitting) or are free to continue to play in the hall

8.45am- Children go to class


At present the breakfast club is free to all children