Life & Works of David Hockney

Y5 children have started their unit of work learning about the life and works of David Hockney. Linking to their topic of rivers, the children looked at painting such as “The Bigger Splash”, discussing shape, colour palate and form. The children created their own mood board. We were very impressed with the results.






Year 4 visit to Battle of Bosworth 

Year 4 visited the Battle of Bosworth fields to build on their learning about the Romans. Here, they discovered the famous tale of brave Boudicca and the Celtic rebellion against the powerful Romans! 

Children enacted the battles between the two armies, using shields and masks they themselves designed. During this trip, Year 4 learnt about the key differences between the Celtics and Romans in terms of lifestyles, wealth and power. The children particularly enjoyed trying on different costumes, armour and handling different enactment weapons. Our Year 4 pupils proved to be quite fierce Romans and Celtics! 



This year, in Year 4, we have been learning to play the Ukulele which is a stringed instrument just like the guitar. Every Tuesday we have a lesson with Mr Truman, who is a music expert. We started by learning the ‘c’ chord and ‘f’ cord which we used to play at a Christmas concert in front of the whole school. At the beginning, we found it tricky to swap between the cords but with practise we have gotten better at it. We have also learnt some famous pop songs as well as famous artists of the past. In the future we look forward to learning to play the guitar and more difficult chords.   

Ukulele Performance Autumn 2021


Year 3 Synagogue Trip

On 8th and 9th December 2021, Year 3 visited the Synagogue on Highfields Street to meet some of the Leicester Hebrew Congregation to develop further their learning from their RE lessons about Judaism. The children learnt a multitude of new words, leant about some amazing facts about the Jewish faith and, upon discussion, discovered there were many similarities between Judaism and Islam. They were inspired by the opulent architecture of the synagogue. They also learnt about Shabbat (day of rest) and the customs followed on this day each week. On this day, they eat challah, and play games with dreidels. Did you know that on this day, no modern technology is used? Hebrew is the language of Judaism and is read from right to left.





“It was a lot of fun! I was able to figure out which dinosaurs were herbivores and carnivores because I had read a book about it. I learnt that herbivores have extra protection like shields on their backs and carnivores have sharp teeth and claws”.
“I learnt an amazing fact – human life has not actually been around as long as we think and that the Jurassic period existed for much longer ago. I hadn’t realised how much the world has evolved!”
“Today I learnt that from your hands and your feet you can measure how tall you are and this is how you would determine how tall an animal was from trace fossils”.
“I have passion for learning about dinosaurs and I loved how today I could share all my knowledge with the class during all the different activities we did”.
“I so enjoyed it – especially the part where we had to name the animals and guess where they can be found. I was inspired a lot since Jed made it sound very interesting. I would love to become an archaeologist.”
“I enjoyed today’s lesson because I learnt new things such as: how to dig for fossils, different types of dinosaurs and different names of rocks.”
“I enjoyed it because all my life I’ve been waiting to see and hold a megalodon’s tooth. It was really fascinating!”
“This lesson really taught me the specific features of a dinosaur and how long ago dinosaurs lived. I hope to work at a museum when I grow up.”
“The most enjoyable part was the part where we used the tools because I didn’t know what a palaeontologist does. It was fun looking at fossils as I have never seen one.