PE Year 6


Pre topic quizzes (Please only complete these quizzes ONCE and ideally before you have completed the unit, but this is not essential for this academic year)

Kahoot – How much do I know? (These can be completed TWICE). Please complete in different week. I will only accept the first 2 results. Please remember to use YOUR NAME not a Nickname





Spring 2 to Summer 2

We are delighted to announce that the children will have the opportunity to take part in basketball coaching sessions for 4 weeks. In order to accommodate all the children, they will be completing a carousel of activities until they depart Uplands. These activities include – Rounders, Basketball, Orienteering and Athletics.

Athletics – Children will learning about the techniques involved in Track & Field events.

Basketball – Sessions are led by Dave from Warriors Basketball Club

Orienteering – Children will be learning how to identify clue locations using grid references. Each week the clue location become more difficult.

Rounders – Children will learning about the rules, tactics and techniques involved in Rounders.

Spring 1 – Dance

During this unit, children will be using a combination of dance, gymnastics and drama based skills to recreate a Pirate battle scene. They will need to work individually, within small groups and as a whole class.

Pirates of the Caribbean theme tune.

Music downloaded from