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Welcome to the Competitions and Fixtures page.

Interschool tournaments are events which allow children to compete against other schools. Throughout the year, Uplands participates within the

– Leicester School Sports and Physical Activity Network (LSSPAN),

– Leicester City Schools Football League,

– Other competitions.

These currently run in person and virtually.

Friday 24th June 2022 – Summer Sport Festival

Today, 9 of our Children represented Uplands at the Summer Games Festival at Loughborough University. Uplands were delighted to be one of the 5 schools selected to represent East Leicester. We took part in the Change for Life category.

After an exciting opening ceremony, regional photo as a mass warm up, we made our way the playing area.

First session to try was Archery. Children competed in teams and as individuals to try and score the highest. After some initial difficulties setting up the arrow, some of our children seemed to grasp the activity. We may have a future Robin Hood.

Session two – Our band of merry men (and women) needed to learn how to defend against the Sheriff. Children learnt how to jab, block and upper cut during their boxing session, whilst also working on their fitness.

Station 3 – time for play. Children took part in a mini sporting circuit covering dodgeball, Frisbee target, giant games and tri golf.

Final station require replenishing their energy. Children were first tasked with naming a fruit or vegetable for every letter of the alphabet. It is harder than you think. Why not try it? After all the brain power, children worked in pairs to pedal their way to create a delicious smoothie. Yum

As the day drew near the end, our troop made the way back to the meeting place for the closing ceremony. East Leicester were joint winners of the Overall Spirit of the Games.

At the end the team was fortunate enough to meet RFU England (and Leicester’s Own) Emily Scarratt.

East Leicester Team 2022

East Leicester Team 2022

Uplands team meets Emily Scarrett

Uplands team meets Emily Scarrett

East Leicester Team 2022

East Leicester Team 2022

East Leicester are Spirit of the games Joint Winners 2022

East Leicester are Spirit of the games Joint Winners 2022

East Leicester are Spirit of the games Joint Winners 2022

East Leicester are Spirit of the games Joint Winners 2022

Friday 10th June 2022 – DC Tournament – Year 4 Football Final

A huge congratulations to the Year 4 Football team for winning their competition against Sparkenhoe. One very proud moment.

Wednesday 8th June 2022 – DC Tournament – Year 4 Football

Congratulations to the Year 4 Mixed football team, who have reached the Finals on Friday against Sparkenhoe. They showed great determination, commitment and great teamwork. They remain unbeaten. Well done to Uwais for the leading goal scorer with 8 Goals, Illias 2 and Yaseen 1. There were some fantastic saves by Hamza and great defending by Nawa. Good luck on Friday

Tuesday 24th May 2022 – LSSPAN Athletics

A selection of year 4,5 and 6 children took part in the LSSPAN Athletics Event. After a miserable start to the day and everyone moving undercover, the event soon got underway. The children took part in both Long and Short distance events, Relays, Howler throw and Standing long jump. The children showed great determination, enthusiasm, and team spirit.

We are very proud of all the students who took part. A huge congratulations to Nella, Eesa and Zeenat, who reached the finals of their event with Zeenat achieving 3rd overall. 

The following children placed in their heats:

Year 4

  • Uwais – 50m Boys – 4th
  • Ilias- 50m Boys – 2nd
  • Umama – 50m Girls – 2nd
  • Uplands Girls Relay – 6th (out of 25)

Year 5

  • Mohamed – 50m Sprint – 3rd
  • Jahaan – 50m Sprint – 4th
  • Zeenat – 75m Sprint – 1st (Joint 1st in Time over the heats) – 3rd Overall after Final

Year 6

  • Nella – 50m Sprint – 1st (Joint 1st in Time over heats) – 4th Overall in the final
  • Eesa – 75m Sprint – 2nd – 6th in Final
  • Aqsa – 75m Sprint – 3rd

Thursday 19th May – LSSPAN Cricket Competition (Mixed)

A group of 10 children took part in a Dynamos Cricket Competition. After the morning rounds, children were divided into further little leagues. The children thoroughly enjoyed the day, developing their skills and understanding of the new rules. Well done to all those who participated.

Wednesday 6th April 2022 – Leicester Tigers Tag Rugby Festival

What a fantastic tournament today. 10 children from year 4 took part in a Tag Rugby Festival at South Leicester Rugby Club ( . From the start, the children displayed positive attitudes and commitment to game. The weather turned against us immediately but the children played on. After a short break (to let the dark clouds pass by), the children came out soaking wet, ready for their next match. Matches were played from end to end with our children taking every opportunity to score a try. Although, this was a festival, the children won 4 matches and drew 1. Well done to all those who took part.

Wednesday 30th March (Won 2, Drew 1, Lost 1) – Football League Match 2

Match Day Highlights

What a start to the session, a 40-yard screamer of a free kick which ended up in the back of the net, a penalty miss by hitting the crossbar in the match Whitehall v Willowbrook and a superb penalty save by Whitehall goalkeeper in the match v Thurnby Mead where Acer and Harrison were outstanding in there build up play and finishing.

The match Uplands v St Josephs was a keenly contested match full of quality football. Hamza goalkeeper for Uplands had a great match both in terms of shot stopping and ball distribution. Eesa and Abdulrahman of Uplands were full of running and were evenly matched by Isla, Bertrand and Leon of St Josephs who all did sterling work both in defence and attack with the match finishing all square at 1-1.

Another thrilling encounter was the match Scraptoft Valley v Medway, passing, dribbling, running and movement off the ball was great to watch. Medway goalkeeper, Hassan had a number of saves with his teammates Hussain and Mudrik giving a good account of themselves. Jamie, goalkeeper of Scraptoft was excellent in goal as was Ibrahim who was full of running and very confident in his ball control.

Thurnby Mead v Scraptoft Valley was a great match to be involved as well as a top of the table clash with honours even and ending in a 1-1 draw. No scoring draws sometimes are exciting to watch and we had this in the match Willowbrook v Medway, end to end with Medway players trying to breakdown their opponents but sterling performances from Joey, Harlow and Harrison of Willowbrook was enough to finish with a well-earned draw.

Respect and Fair Play – Top Schools

~ All schools (Medway, Uplands, Scraptoft Valley, St Josephs, Thurnby Mead, Whitehall and Willowbrook) achieved 100%

Well done!


On behalf of Anita and myself I wish once again to thank the “Off the field of play team” for preparing and coaching their players throughout the afternoon and for refereeing on pitch 3. To my colleague Anita, thank you for your major contribution and support during an entertaining afternoon of football.

Kind regards


Tuesday 15th March 2022 – Tag Rugby Festival

Today, 13 children from Year 4 took part in a Tag Rugby Megafest Festival. They participated in a series of 7 different Tag rugby themed sessions in the morning followed by an afternoon of small sided games. One of the entertaining parts of the day was watching some of our children trying to run forward whilst passing backwards. With pure determination and persistence most of our children were successful. Well done to all.

Wednesday 9th March 2022 – Girls Football festival

11 girls took part in a football festival at Goals Football centre. The sun was shining which made the experience more enjoyable They participated in a series of different activities aimed at developing football skills prior to playing a mini tournament.

Today, I have learnt new football skills with the people from Crownhills. We were taught by Miss Annie who is an expert at football. She taught us different styles of tackling the ball from each other. We played a match with each other and then swapped. Although we had a long walk, it was really fun making friends with other schools. (I.S)

Wednesday 2nd March (Won 2, Drew 1, Lost 1) – Football League Match 2

Match Day Statistics

  • 7 Schools – 100% Attendance
  • 64 Players
  • 12 Teachers/Coaches
  • Round 1 started at 4.10pm
  • Round 6 finished at 5.25pm
  • Duration of matches – Rounds 1, 2 and 3 – 10 minutes; Rounds 4, 5 and 6 – 8 minutes
  • Average turnaround per match – 3 minutes
  • 17 League matches played
  • 16 League goals scored
  • Average goals per match – 0.94
  • 17 Close encounters with two 0-0 draws

Match Day Team Line Ups – Uplands – Hamza, Eesa, Ayaan-Ur, Hazifa, Preyanne, Azeem, Kevin, Huresh, AbdulRahman and Daniyaal

Match Day Highlights

Teamwork was the order of the day, (T)ogether (E)veryone (A)chieves (M)ore with 64 players from 7 teams supporting each other during their matches.

Every match was very close with players able to CPR (C)ontrol (P)ass (R)eceive the ball, MIS (M)ove (I)nto (S)pace and knew when to use the 5Ts, when to pass, when to dribble, when to turn, when to run and when to shoot. The quality of play is improving particularly with goalkeepers safe handling and ball distribution with good build ups from the back.

Despite the lack of goals being scored we had plenty of goalmouth play, strikers’ shots being thwarted by defenders getting their bodies in front of the ball and goalkeepers strongly parrying the ball away with their hands. Some good build up play through the thirds and down the flanks as players accompanied with great running at speed, players putting their foot on the ball and changing direction and creating space for their next pass.

Set pieces played a great part in the matches, Throw Ins taken quickly, goalkeepers passing to nearest defenders rather than using route one, powerful Free Kicks and superb deliveries from corner kicks, one that was scored straight from the corner. Whilst the matches were very competitive, the highlight for me came in the match Whitehall v Medway. Whitehall players were on the offensive and had a lot of goal scoring opportunities however, their finishing was a bit off the mark. Instead of their heads going down, they were able to brush the disappointment off with having a bit of laughter with each other. well done lads and to all teams for your performance on the day.

Respect and Fair Play – Top Schools

(1) Medway, Uplands, Scraptoft Valley, Thurnby Mead, Whitehall and Willowbrook– 100%

Well done to all of those schools!


I wish to thank our ” Off the field of play Team ” for another great performance in preparing and coaching their players throughout the afternoon and refereeing on pitch 3. Both Anita and I value your teamwork very much. Thank you also to my colleague Anita for her contribution to the success of the session.

Kind regards


Tuesday 1st March 2022 – Gymnastics Competition

Well done to all those who took part in the Gymnastics Competition. You overcame the apprehension to perform and demonstrated confidence, empathy and teamwork.

Thursday 24th February 2022 – Health & Wellbeing Festival

14 children from year 3 & 4 took part in a Health and Wellbeing festival at Babington College. They took part in an eight station circuit completing practical, wellness and nutritional awareness activities. The facial expressions, when tasting fruits which they had never tried before, were definitely interesting. They also met Anita. The sessions were very informative and all the children had fun.

Friday 28th January – Boccia

The children played really well today. Great accuracy, patience and tactics shown throughout the day. Well done to all those who took part.

Wednesday 26th January – Dance Festival

Today, our Dance Club performed their dance routine to Waka Waka at Crown Hills Community College. The performance was energetic and full of life. Spreading Happiness (The theme of the competition) throughout the dance hall. Well done to the girls who took part.

Wednesday 26th January (Drew 2, Lost 3) – Football League 1

Match Day Headlines – Report by Andy (Competition Organiser)

The “Bar continues to be Raised Higher” 100% venue readiness, 100% schools’ attendance and 100% arrival of 55 players and 12 coaches for our 4.00pm kick off time. We had some blue sky, light cloud, chilly and cold with + 7.0C but what warmed our hearts was that Sam our venue co-ordinator at Judgemeadow CC was back following his recovery from Covid. Despite having had 3 vaccinations he has had Covid twice, welcome back Sam and thanks once again for ensuring all pitches were ready.

Match Day Statistics

6 Schools – 100% expected attendance – Thank you to Ruhul of Medway for their apologies.
55 Players, 12 Teachers/Coaches, Round 1 started at 4.00pm, Round 5 Finished at 5.10pm, Duration of matches – 10 minutes, Average turnaround per match – 5 minutes, 15 League matches, 25 League goals scored, Average goals per match – 1.67, 15 Close encounters with 7 draws

Match Day Highlights

A wonderful entertaining afternoon of football, competitive, energetic, fast and maintained the high standard already set in the boys league this term. We don’t often get 15 close encounters in one session; in fact, this was the first and another 100% achievement. Players build up play, passing, turning, running and dribbling and shooting and finishing was a joy to watch as was attacking and defending skills.
Teamwork was extremely good, in the match Thurnby Mead v Willowbrook both goals came from excellent teamwork from the defensive third through to the attacking third, brilliant. In the match Whitehall v St Josephs, Akaal, goalkeeper of Whitehall was awesome in shot stopping but credit to St Josephs with Omaray and Bertrand scoring two well taken goals.
The match Scraptoft Valley v Thurnby Mead was closely fought and entertaining with Leo of Thurnby Mead creating havoc, he was a little buzz bomb making life difficult for his opponents. In the same match Ebrihim and Brooklyn of Scraptoft Valley were outstanding. Goalkeeper of the day goes to Uplands goalkeeper (Hamza) who handled the pressure very well, made great saves, well done. We give the best build up play to Alfie and Ethan of Willowbrook as they worked continually through each match with great defending and attacking prowess. Well done.

Coaches and Players Match Day Highlights – None received.

Respect and Fair Play – Top Schools
(1) Uplands, Scraptoft Valley, Thurnby Mead, Whitehall and Willowbrook– all gained 100%

Once again, the “Team off the Field of Play” played a major part in ensuring we had a great session. The 12 teachers/coaches prepared their teams well for each match and took responsibility for refereeing on pitch 3. Thank you to them all. A special thank you to Tony of Scraptoft Valley for refereeing on Pitch 1 in Round 5 whilst Anita and I had a switch round on Pitch 2 and 3. As always, thank you Anita for your significant contribution to the success of the session.

Wednesday 19th January – Basketball

Well done to the children who took part in the Leicester School Basketball tournament. Final positions: Team A – 4th, Team B – 6th.

17th November 2021 – Sports Hall Athletics

Well done to all the children in year 5 & 6 who took part in the event. We had many successes in our heats for the track events.

LSSPAN Virtual 5K Challenge (September 20th – October 3rd)There were 2,420 participants for this tournament. 248 teams and 18 schools involved.

  • Year 3 – 3MS (Team 3) – 6th Place
  • Year 4 – 4AG (Team 1) – 7th Place
  • Year 5 – 5CS (Team 1) – 5th Place
  • Year 6 – 6CR (Team 1) – 5th Place
  • We are also please to announce that Uplands received the Spirit of the Games Award. Well done to every one for taking part.